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Today I've integrated a new blog with an Atom feed into the site. I've made use of atom2rss to get an RSS feed which can be integrated with Firefox's Bookmarks. I'll be re-arranging things later so that it fits in better. I've also noticed in the referrer logs that we get a surprisingly high google ranking for DiMaggio's Glasgow. If you've got your bookmarks stored in, then will tell you which users have the most bookmarks in common with you. Oh, and my phrase of the week is "royally b0rked". Google shows results 1 - 4 of about 58, so it's not too common. It describes Konqueror on my laptop which won't connect to any sftp hosts, although ssh and scp both work fine. Oh, and it describes one of my routers which refuses all connections originating from outside its subnet. What a truly useful router that is!


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