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A couple of people have web pages where the background image is a large JPEG being leeched from's server. I've changed some things so that anyone who views one of the leeching sites sees a photo of Celine Dion instead of the original image. Since it's a "hardcore" rock band page, I'm sure they'll be pleased. They might even copy the image to their own server instead of using my bandwidth! For anyone viewing the image directly, it appears just as it used to. I've also set it up so that if the browser's IP address is that which I believe to belong to the owner of the web page (or maybe his/her ISP), then the original web page is returned. I wonder how long it'll be before they find out. To accomplish this, I added this .htaccess file to the directory containing the image: <Files blood.jpg> AddType application/x-httpd-php .jpg </Files> This causes PHP to interpret this file before sending it to the client browser. blood.jpg is actually a PHP script now, and you can find it's source here: I've been told there's a discussion about this at's Forums.


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