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A few updates...

I've added a couple of new desktop screenshots to my website. There's someone new leeching the same large JPEG image from again. I'll need to think up something more subtle to do to the image this time! Also, had a page of photos from the school. It seems to have been taken down now, but it's mirrored here on now. Does anyone know where these pictures came from? We all know that the real Loudoun Academy website is here though ;-) My new toy this week is Konfabulator (which you can see on my screenshots page). It lets you add useful little "widgets" to your desktop on Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX. It's similar to Karamba on KDE. Being able to import widgets between Karamba and Konfabulator would be nice. Have you got a spare computer? I'm looking for a cheap (and quiet) second hand computer to use as a router between my network and GlasgowNet and BackNet. If anyone has a spare that they're willing to sell (something like a Pentium 166 is more than adequate), then please post in the guestbook. I discovered that Sara and Aaron have a blog: then I discovered a photo of Tina and me on it among lots of other good pics.


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