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Programming: Multiple Precision maths and Encryption

Since last Tuesday afternoon, I've been learning about and implementing a secure key exchange and encryption algorithm, using Blowfish and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. I've been doing this in C, using the freely available BigDigits library for dealing with large prime numbers. I've found the BigDigits library to be very handy, and it seems to be quite efficient. I've written my own functions to wrap up Blowfish in a way that character buffers can be passed from one machine to another over the network, with encryption that's transparent to the application (at the socket level). Next, I'd like to get the same thing working in C#, but I discovered today that the C# library provided be the people who wrote BigDigits actually just imports Win32 DLL functions and presents them in a nice .Net-friendly way. I'm intending my code to run on Mono as well as Microsoft .Net, so I think writing the algorithms in pure C# is the approach I will be taking.


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