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Open-source multi-platform COBOL compiler?

I'm looking for an open-source multi-platform COBOL compiler. I've found some open-source COBOL compilers (eg. TinyCOBOL), none of which are multi-platform. I've found some free-for-students COBOL compilers that are multi-platform, but aren't open-source (eg. NetCOBOL). Could anyone suggest an open-source COBOL compiler that works with either of the PPC or SPARC architectures? I'm just curious about how they're designed.


  • I take back what I said about the free-for-students version of NetCOBOL being multiplatform. Yeah, it asks you which platform you'll be using when you download it, and I chose "Solaris (2.x)". I got a ZIP file that expanded to contain one Windows .EXE file.

    By Blogger Sandy, At 11:29 AM  

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