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Stag Weekend

That was a totally amazing weekend: Gary's stag night in Edinburgh. Starting off at a pool hall on Morrison Street, followed by food at The Great Wall on Lothian Road, then I think the next place we went to was Finnegan's Wake - and excellent sauna just up from Grassmarket. Some of us made it as far as Subway after that... we seemed to get knocked back from elsewhere due to the size of our group which was a bit annoying. Finnegan's wake is actually an Irish themed pub, but it was roasting inside! Followed last night by Kenny's birthday night out in Glasgow, starting off in Elliot's and finishing up in The Garage. Methinks it's time to avoid nights out for a while! updates... I must appologise for the outage from approximately 2pm yesterday until 3am this morning. Someone (unsure who since we had people staying over last night) had turned off my router (again). Today I'm going to move the router to another location, out of the way of fiddling fingers. At the moment, is hosted with a friend in Edinburgh, but within a week or so it will be moved into the same rack as www, and a few other sites that were co-hosted on the same box will also be moved here. Lets see how well the bandwidth stands up to it :-)


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