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Long Weekend

Thursday: ScotLUG with Big Kev's VoIP talk, followed by the Cathouse Friday: off work for Cat's birthday day/night out where Cat, Vikki, Neil and me went to see H2G2, which I can safely say was the best film I've ever seen in the cinema. It followed the book well and was hilarious. Scott and me managed to get back into Rufus in the evening, then we met back up with the others at a private party in the Library, before moving on to the Garage. Saturday: Gary and Angela's wedding. It was in the afternoon thankfully, so I was wide awake by that time. Despite what the forecast said, it was a lovely day. Wedding and reception both went really well and we all had a great time. I took some photos at the ceremony and the reception. The photos that Graeme took are also online.


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