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WAP Woes

Last week the WRT-54G access point in our flat rendered itself useless by putting all of its lights on solid, apart from the WiFi one,a nd not responding to anything. None of the usual ways of reviving Linksys boxes worked. It's now retired to the spare parts box. The backup access point was is an Apple AirPort express. While it handles AirTunes nicely, it seems rather unreliable as an access point, having been rebooted twice in about a week. I've heard that Linksys's WAG-54G is of similar reliability, so I'm not sure what to get next. Draytek or Netgear are looking like good possibilities. The WRT-54G lasted about 5 years of never being turned off apart from when I moved house (with no crashes or hangs), so it's been pretty reliable until now.


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