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Wikinfinite Loops, Again

I've been keeping track of the articles I've been reading on Wikipedia. As I mentioned earlier this year in my blog, Neil's Wikinfinite Loops article prompted me to write a script to pull Wikipedia items from my browser history. Here's yesterday evening's Wikinfinite Loop after I got home from work... COBOL ALGOL 58 RCA David Taylor Model Basin Thomson SA Marconi Company Ship model basin Stroboscope Phenakistoscope Guglielmo Marconi Grand Council of Fascism Cabot Tower Cabot Tower (Bristol) Editing Guglielmo Marconi (section) Guglielmo Marconi Cabot Tower (Newfoundland) Fascism Benito Mussolini Marconi Marconi COBOL Michael A. Jackson After discovering how much I use Wikipedia, I set up an Automator task on my laptop to dump the list of URLs each day.


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