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Friday was Stephen's last day at work and we had a good 7-a-side game of football at lunch time. photos of it are on his blog and here. In an attempt to have a cheap weekend at home, I spent a lot of time walking around Glasgow taking notes for a website I'm putting together. I'm building up a database of coordinates and photos. Part of the site will have a map to show the locations of places. I've gone down the Google route with this, and the map can be moved by dragging it around. I was having a look at Google's UK maps this afternoon and can now identify 4 street names that are wrong:
  1. "La Belle Allee" should be "La Belle Place"
  2. "Duff Street" should be "Lynedoch Street"
  3. "Dal Nan Each" should be "Woodlands Road"
  4. "Inverquhomery Road" should be "Great Western Road"
I'm off to start tidying my room to make packing easier. I've not found a new flat, but will be viewing some this week.


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