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iTunes 5

iTunes 5 is out, go and download it from Apple if you have Windows or OS X. It looks kind of squareish compared to the 4.x series: screenshot. The iPod Nano, and the Motorola ROKR mobile phone have also been released. ROKR is the first mobile phone with iTunes support. It's available on Cingular in the US and I'm not sure about the UK details yet as the site doesn't seem to be fully updated. On MacOS X, it has introduced yet another GUI style - like the brushed metal one, but smooth. GUI inconsistencies are one of the things that annoyed my about Windows when I used it, and Apple seem to be getting just as bad. It does looks more like I suppose, with the smooth look and utilising the full horizontal width of the window instead of have a huge space-wasting border. Functionally, I've not noticed anything different yet, and OGG Vorbis is still not officially supported.


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