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Debian SPARC, Java and C#

Yesterday I began looking at technologies to use for a new project at work. I've narrowed my preference of programming language down to Java or C#, based on the systems the software will need to run on and what it needs to do. As a bit of a challenge, I thought I'd start off by getting the necessary tools installed on my Debian SPARC workstation. After much messing around with Jikes and the GNU Java compiler, I ended up using Jikes, Kaffe and Jikes-kaffe (a wrapper allowing Jikes to use Kaffe's classpath). On SPARC, Jikes segfaults unless Jikes-kaffe is installed, although Jikes-kaffe is not a dependancy. Today I started looking at the C# approach. I installed Mono on Mac OS X and wrote my first multithreaded C# application using my favourite text editor, SubEthaEdit. I've started building Mono from source on Debian SPARC, but pthread support is b0rked, so I'll need to fix that myself - I doubt if many people care about Mono on Debian SPARC. Update 20 mins later... I've got pthread support working in Mono now. Looks like a configure script error causing things not to be defined properly. I'll make a patch for that later once I've found out exactly why it went wrong.


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