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Mac OS X UI Consistency

Today I decided to include an image in a blog post, for the first time even in my blogging history. While reading a recent article about user interface inconsistencies in Vista by Paul Thurrott, I began thinking of UNO, which I installed on my Mac Mini and iBook earlier this week (and has the excellent catchphrase of: "Several ways to skin your Cat"). UNO fixes some user interface inconsistencies in OS X applications. It takes the smooth silvery-gray appearance featuring the unified toolbar and title bar that Apple Mail has in Tiger, and gives you the option of applying it to all applications. Alternatively, you can take the "Polished metal" UI that iTunes has and apply that to all applications. I thought Microsoft was bad for user interface inconsistencies, but looking at a computer without UNO after using it for a few days make me realise how bad Apple are for this too. I guess it was originally hidden by the shininess of the Aqua and [Brushed|Polished] Metal UIs. UNO is good - you should try it. (To get Firefox looking that good, you'll also need the GrApple theme from the bottom of this page)


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