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I was surfing the web while watching Channel 9, and came across a link to Suzanne Cook's university homepage. Suzanne, who now works for Microsoft on the CLR team, has the hacker quiz on her page. I took the test for fun, but some of it could do with updating for the 21st century. I'm sure an increasing amount of people newly emplyed in the IT industry have never heard of half of the stuff mentioned in the quiz. And as for one of its questions, "Do you have a disk platter or a naked floppy hanging in your home?" - I don't but my dad has a homemade Sony Laserdisc clock hanging on the wall :-) I got a disappointing "nerd" rating, based on my score of 136 (decimal) and the following score table:
0x000 and 0x010Computer Illiterate
0x011 and 0x040Computer User
0x041 and 0x080Computer Operator
0x081 and 0x0C0Nerd
0x0C1 and 0x100Hacker
0x101 and 0x180Guru
0x181 and 0x200Wizard
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