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My desk as it look right now, taken on a Sony K750i. Today I've been doing some work in preparation for going to Montenegro tomorrow. I've been given a Dell Inspiron 4150 laptop with required software installed - compared to my iBook it seems like a desktop PC - Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, every PC legacy port you could think of, but only 1 USB port. I'm trying to get my contacts transferred to it so I only need to take one laptop with me. My contacts are in Apple Address Book. One of my friends said last night that "Windows is better than Mac becuase Windows is compatible with everything". I'd love if Windows would be compatible with my Address Book backup file, my bluetooth mouse, forwarding X11 applications through SSH (yeah I know it can be done but it's a pain in the ass) and my iSight camera. I'd be happier if it even worked with my Logitech Quickcam which I've lost the CD for. I'm surprised a supposedly modern operating system doesn't work out-of-the-box with 4 year old hardware. What happened to just plugging something in and it works with no human intervention? Here's the best I've found so far for transferring my contacts from Address Book. It exports Address Book's database to CSV (Comma Separated Values in a text file). This works, but Thunderbird on Windows seems to b0rk at the first unicode character it sees, and Outlook 2007 refuses to open it at all. So I tried opening it in Excel, thinking that importing CSV is a standard feature in spreadsheet applications. Excel's version of importing CSV today seems to be making a spreadsheet with lots or rows and one colum that contains text with lots of commas. So much for the commas separating the values! Next random thought: Can anyone tell me where the lyrics "I'm a locksmith with the key to fame" came from? A quick google search will reveal the answer, but I'm surprised there is only one relevant result on Google from the two it vame up with. And Trevor McDonaldly, the thing that's been annoying me all week... Reduced Fat Crisps. If I wanted to reduce my fat intake, I certainly wouldn't be eating crisps. However, I eat crisps when I feel like having a snack, but I'll consider cutting crisps out of my diet if confectionery companies continue producing these reduced fat crisps - they taste horrible. 70% less fat and 70% less taste in my opinion. Find out more about 70% Less Fat crisps on the Walkers website.


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