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Whitelee Forest

This evening I went on my 2nd off-road cycle run this week. I drove to the bottom of Corse Hill, south of Eaglesham, and cycled up. It's a change in altitude of 126 metres over about 4km. I think it might be the highest point on the Eaglesham Moor. My original plan was to see if I could cycle from Corse Hill through Whitelee Forest and join the road that links East Kilbride to Darvel. I would have been relying on a track that doesn't appear on the Ordnance Survey map, but I noticed that Google's Satellite photo shows a gap between the trees so it was worth a look. As it turns out, the track does look passable by bike. I got just over half way through the uncharted track before it got too cold and started getting dark. The decent on the way back was fun! I took photos at various points including some of a radar dome on top of Corse Hill.


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