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End of the Week

I've started experimenting with the Google Maps API, and overlaying information from my Pubzilla database. I must say Google's API is very easy to use, although I seem to have had less success in getting to work with Internet Explorer. Yesterday I felt like a random night out, so got in touch with some people and John, Scott and I started off at the Three Judges which is a real ale pub. I tried three different ales: Highwood Harvest Bitter, Ridley's Spectacular, and Buffy's Hopleaf. We met up with Malcolm, Michelle and Miranda there then moved onto The Goat where we met up with David. Malcolm and Scott went their own way, the girls went home, and David, John and I went to The Clinic. This afternoon I've been working on a "Pubs near this one" feature for Pubzilla, but being hungover I had difficulty remembering my basic trigonometry and ended up surfing Wikipedia for a while and discovering things like the Sinc function.


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